Supporting Providers and Patients through the PrEP Initiation Process

The BCHD Sexual Health and Wellness Clinics began offering HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in December 2015 based on the US Public Health Service Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clinical practice guidelines published in July 2014.

The team used a human-centered design process to identify insights and opportunities to support STI providers in improving the efficiency of the PrEP initiation process and reducing the number of new HIV infections within Baltimore City.

As a team, we met with key stakeholders including nurses, administrative staff, clinic directors, social workers and patients to gather insights into the existing PrEP Program. We worked through the entire human-centered design process, testing out a range of prototypes before settling on a print brochure campaign.  The final development of the print campaign is currently being wrapped up and is set to roll out in the clinics by the end of summer 2022.

Frame & Plan ︎︎︎ Research ︎︎︎  Synthesize ︎︎︎ Ideate ︎︎︎ Prototype ︎︎︎ Implement & Iterate

Research Methods & Tools: 
Design Principles
Interviews & Group Listening Sessions
User Journeys

User Testing
Baltimore, MD ︎

Design Researcher & Social Design Strategist

Human-Centered Design
Social Design
Qualitative Research

Baltimore City Health Department

MICA Center for Social Design

Print Campaign

Final Report with Tested Prototypes for Future Implementation