Encouraging Social Connections for Older Adults in Subsidized Housing 

Belonging is a human need. Feeling close to others allows us to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy, therefore allowing us to have cities, communities and a culture that is also healthy. Older adults are increasingly at risk for social isolation due to physical limitations, cultural attitudes around aging and many more factors.

This project was an opportunity to explore potential opportunities within two Baltimore subsidized housing buildings to encourage social connections amongst the residents. Currently in-progress, the team and I held multiple listening sessions at each building along with one-on-one interviews with over 40 residents and staff to identify tensions, insights, and areas of opportunity.

Most recently, we have begun facilitating co-design brainstorming sessions for each group of resdients in the two buildings. 

Frame & Plan ︎︎︎ Research ︎︎︎ Synthesize ︎︎︎ Ideate ︎︎︎ Prototype ︎︎︎ Implement & Iterate
Baltimore, MD︎

Design Researcher & Strategist

Skills:  Human-Centered Design, Qualitative Research

Collaborators: John Hopkins School of Medicine

MICA Center for Social Design

Output:  Findings Report for Continuation of Project

Activity Idea List for Community Coordinators