Rebuilding Community Culture in a Public Elementry School

Back in the Fall of 2021 as we adjusted to the seemingly new norm of continuous tightening and easing of Covid-19 restrictions, many institutions were grappling with how to re-open and restore the community connections they had before the start of the pandemic.

My team was tasked with exploring how to rebuild the community culture of City Neighbors Hamilton School, a charter elementry school in Baltimore, MD. We focused on the parents roles and experiences within the greater community. 

We spent multiple sessions visiting the school, touring classrooms, sitting in on classes and interviewing staff, administrators, students, and parents. After synthesizing all of our research we generated prototypes and returned them to the school to test with parents, teachers, and students. We presented our final findings virtually to the school with suggestions on future ways to integrate them into the community. 

Frame & Plan ︎︎︎ Research ︎︎︎ Synthesize ︎︎︎ Ideate ︎︎︎ Prototype ︎︎︎ Implement & Iterate
Baltimore, MD︎

Design Researcher & Strategist

Human-centered design, Qualitative research

CNH Charter School - Elementry
MICA Center for Social Design

Research Report with insights and prototypes